Youth and Family Healing offers a wide variety of Services for both, the Individual as well as Families. We also work with clients to connect them with community resources. We service clients as young as 4 years of age and work with clients of any age, on a case by case basis. We specialize in family and child therapy, with an emphasis on School Social Work. In addition, we advocate for clients that suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders and Learning Disabilities. Please click on the My Testimonials tab above and read more about how our current as well as past clients would rate the Services of Youth and Family Healing. 

Youth Counseling 
Ages 4-25

- Play Therapy

- Autism and Executive

Functioning Disorders

- Mood Disorders

- Anxiety and Depressive


- AD/HD and Learning


- Assists Students with 

disabilities in College and going

into College. 

- Bullying and School Refusal 

Family and Adult Individual Therapy

- Substance use/ addiction

- Chronic pain

- Codependency issues

- Supporting those with AD/HD, learning disabilities, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

- A resource for those coping with unemployment and parental distress

- Autism and Executive Functioning 


​School Services

- Direct observation in school setting​
- Assist with 504 and IEP modification​

- Advocate for Children and Families for any stressors

- Liaison between the family, school staff, and community gatekeepers

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